Traders Unite

In 20011 a Motor Traders Advertising Union formed. There were over 400 Traders who signed up and a meeting was held with Auto-Trader which ended at a stalemate.

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Traders try and force autotrader to lower price

The MTAU went up against Auto-trader with no plan B, well as a plan B but we need your help.

Lets face it Autotrader is a house hold name so we have to make the same. If we all face this head on just like all the take aways around the UK have embraced this might just let Autotrader know we mean business.

What makes is its uniqueness. Its taken many years to develop this system. A system designed to create interest and a name on the streets which will generate footfall to your business.

The Unique Selling Point (USP) for this site is that a private individual can a place add on where they a given a marketing pack to market their vehicle. (see pic.below). Lets face it you wouldn’t sell a house without a For Sale board.