100auto.co.uk and the Motor Traders Advertising Group (mtaguk.biz)

 Fixed-price advertising for 10 years

 Are you, like me and many other traders out there, looking for an alternative way to advertise your cars on the Internet?

We motor traders almost always have to rely exclusively on Auto Trader to advertise our cars. Well, mtaguk.biz (the motor traders advertising group) is now giving dealers an alternative site to advertise their stock, called 100auto.co.uk. Look at Sainsbury’s and Aldi. Years ago, Aldi was a lesser known brand, that appeared to be lower quality, but is now one of the top supermarkets in the UK, offering excellent value for money. Mtaguk.biz believe 100auto.co.uk to be the next Aldi.

Many motor traders are closing down each year due to high advertising costs. With so many Internet sites, dealers advertising costs are around £30k a year. The Motor Traders Advertising Group want to give fixed-price advertising for 10 years. If motor dealers are to continue in business, then we have to be more robust and plan for the future, changing the way in which we work, both separately and collectively. There’s still a market out there for a new traders site, but we have to market it in a different way.

 Why does the motor industry have to change?

 Where there is a monopoly on an essential service that we all need to rely on, options become limited, and the price we pay reduces our profits enormously.

We have all seen it happen over recent years where motor dealers have failed to achieve a previously good living for the following reasons:


  • Lack of finance to put themselves on the web (the ranks of Google), so dealers have to rely on 3rd party sites.
  • Increased costs to an exclusive organisation (3rd party sites) for less value per pound.
  • Less incentive by exclusive organisations to offer a versatile and flexible service in line with changing times and requirements.

If traders don’t react and start thinking about the future, and what impact rising prices will have on businesses, then unfortunately some traders will cease trading.

How can we change?

By learning from justeat.co.uk and rightmove.co.uk; these two sites have increased sales for both takeaways and estate agents, not just in the UK but also around the world.

Take a look around the streets and shop windows to see how both sites are creating brands on the high street with the help from businesses.