100auto.co.uk Unique Sellers Pack £39.99 unlimited days

The general public would advertise 100auto.co.uk on their car with our unique marketing material designed to help promote the car they are selling and our website.

Our Unique Selling Point (USP) is:

 “You wouldn’t sell a house without a ‘For Sale’ board, so give your car the same marketing experience and advertise it on 100auto.co.uk”

Every car listed on 100auto.co.uk will be given a unique reference number, for example 100auto.co.uk/123456. This unique reference number would then be displayed on the rear screen of cars, and side windows (see our marketing pack) serving as a promotional sign for 100auto.co.uk, but also allowing sellers to inform local people that their car is in fact for sale. It means if someone is interested in that vehicle, the unique number gets them straight to that vehicle without searching through thousands of listings.