webuycars network

Our dealers make up the network of 100auto.co.uk we buy cars scheme

100auto.co.uk has devised a system that will help dealers around the UK get a market share from we buy any car, provided they register on 100auto.co.uk. Our network of dealers will offer a minimum of £150 more than we buy any car; provided the seller shows the final price documentation and not the Internet price we will guarantee them £150 more than we buy any car.

100auto.co.uk is yet again helping increase your business customer awareness and footfall. Another benefit from this scheme the seller may also be looking to purchase a new vehicle. With more dealers attending the auction houses prices for used cars are bought at a premium. Creating the 100auto.co.uk we buy cars network would give dealers the opportunity to buy lower priced cars without visiting the auctions, saving on auction fees and freeing up valuable time for selling cars.

Benefits to the 100auto.co.uk we buy cars scheme:


  • Inspect the vehicle thoroughly and have a test drive
  • Chance to purchase a lower priced car instead of paying high auction prices
  • Opportunity to sell a car even if you don’t buy that customer’s car
  • Increase your customer footfall