Rear stickers and business card to be placed in all cars. have designed an incentive whereby we will give out prizes each month to people who are spotted with our 100auto sticker. The sticker is designed to help create the brand on the roads and drive people to the website. The prizes range from a free car wash, or discounts on repairs, to cash prizes, with the ultimate cash prize being £1000. Winning registration numbers would be displayed on


Dealers are asked to place a sticker on the rear screen of every car, plus leave business card inside the car. The business card explains how customers could win the £1000 prize for displaying the stickers and includes a 10% discount code for


The discount code is the dealer’s discount code, and dealers would receive £5 for every discount code entered by people selling their cars on


Dealers could explain to the customer about the £1000 prize given away each month for displaying the sticker. We want the sticker to be a talking point, so this information is passed on to friends and family.


The concept behind is to create footfall and revenue for businesses, so we would like dealers to get involved in the handing out of these stickers to people who turn up asking for them.