Q: Can we send some fresh car sales your way?

Q: Isn’t AUTO TRADER getting too expensive?

I’ve seen first hand how hard traders have to work to turn their stock profitably these days.

With the rising cost of advertising, websites and the likes is really eating into our margins.

There has to be a better way.


Better | Cheaper | Unlimited cars |

With 100auto.co.uk we can make this process a lot easier and cheaper for you and your prospective customers.

Taking our inspiration from the proven JUSTEAT.co.uk concept, that has slashed the advertising costs and boosted orders for takeaway owners, we are soon going live with 100auto.co.uk that will do exactly the same and more for the motor trade.

Dealers are paying an average of £2K per month for just 25 listings.

On 100auto.co.uk you will be able to LIST ALL OF YOUR STOCK plus receive a free website for only £150+vat per month.

And it’s not just about selling cars either; you will be able to showcase and offer all of your garage services too.

Visit 100auto.co.uk and register your details 

I’m scratching the surface of what 100auto.co.uk can offer your business.


But if like me, you want a better way to advertise your entire stock, receive a constant flow of new enquiries and retain more of your earnings, 100auto.co.uk is amazing value.




So why not register your business details and get to those new customers first.



David Markland


National Sales Manager for 100auto.co.uk

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