Creating the 100auto brand

The 100auto brand needs car dealers around the UK to get on board so we the Independent car dealers around the UK can fight back against the rising cost of advertising. Think about what your company spends a month.

Take a look at and how the takeaways have embraced the concept. Each takeaway has a justeat sign on the premises and the menus they give to their own customers have a logo on them.

Now think £150+VAT month for your advertising cost, sounds great but you need to commit to and help create that brand. A brand that people will associate with when looking for a used car, a car repair, a motorist directory or evan a avenue to sell their car through you on our webuyanycar guarantee scheme. Its so easy why has no one come up with this before? Simply because these companies want to take the maximum revenue off the motor traders each month.

We need all car dealers to fly the Flags, hang the Free signs and place a window sash and a 100auto number on each car that they have on their sales pitch. Following the justeat formula to create that brand.

Our offer to you is £150+VAT a month  to advertise unlimited cars for the first year.

Second year would be £250+ vat again for unlimited cars

Then for the next 8 years the cost would be £495+ vat again for unlimited cars

Anyone wanting to join after 1 year will pay £895+vat which will be our maximum cost per month. Our early bird offer is there for any trader that can see our vision in getting on the road for lower advertising cost and therefor we will commit to you for years to come.

They say if a person sees a web address several times it is stored in the memory bank. Think about what websites you search on each day. If you have certain sites that you search on each day then just think what your potential customer habits are. This is why we all have to push the brand in order to lower our cost.

This is the way we plan to get our brand out there again with your help.



Insert pic office entrance and of windscreen banner

If all used car dealer use this format then we are creating the brand


Our directory


Our directory is created to further push the brand

This directory is just for the automotive industry and will rely on businesses that are in the directory to push the brand by advertising on their business premises. Very similar to the that is displayed on all takeaway premises. Same as used car dealers displaying on sales cars.