Autotrader Boycott

In 2011 a Motor Traders Advertising Union formed. There were over 400 Traders who signed up and a meeting was held with Auto-Trader which ended at a stalemate and so the prices just keep on rising.

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The (MTAU) Motor Traders Advertising Union went up against Auto-trader to try and get lower advertising cost and failed. They failed because although they threatened to pull all its members cars off Autotrader, Autotrader didn’t move on price and called the MTAUs bluff. With no plan B, the MTAU broke up, and some members did leave but returned later to Autotrader. With and the Motor Traders Advertising Group ( we want to start up that fight with a great plan B.

Autotrader is a high street brand, so we have to make the same. If we all face this head on just like all the takeaways around the UK have embraced this might just let Autotrader know we mean business.

What makes is its uniqueness designed to create footfall for businesses and by offering different avenues that would create visitors to

The Unique Selling Point (USP) for this site is that a private individual can a place add on where they a given a marketing pack to market their vehicle. (see pic.below). Let’s face it you wouldn’t sell a house without a For Sale board.