We ask all our members to place a business card inside the car. The business card explains how your customers could win the £1000 prize for displaying the stickers and includes a 10% discount code for 100auto.co.uk.

Front Cover.

On the front cover would be your business details:

Name and Address, Website, Facebook, email and phone numbers

Centre Pages

The centre pages explain details of the 100auto.co.uk unique marketing pack and contain a 10% discount code.

This 10% discount code is our members unique discount code given to them once they have signed up to 100auto.co.uk. This unique members code generates £5 commission for the member every time a customer enters this unique code. So the more cards you give out, the more revenue this would generate.

Back Cover.

The back cover explains how your customers could win up to £1000 for displaying the sticker that our members have placed on the rear screen.

We would also like our members to explain to customers the details of this monthly prize draw. We would like the sticker to be a talking point, so customers pass on this information to friends and family.

The concept behind 100auto.co.uk is to help our members sell cars, save money on advertising costs, and create footfall as well as generate revenue from the members discount code. We would also like our members to get involved in the process of the handing out of these stickers to people who turn up to the place of business asking for them.